We are an European network acting for binational couples and families by defending their rights and raising awareness on their enrichment to society. Today, the network consists of 8 member-organisations from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. [to learn more about the member-organisations please visit this page]

 If you are an organisation with a similar goal or an individual interrested in joining our network, please contact us



The ENB believes in the importance of exchange and cooperation among its member-organisations, and with other organisations or individuals sharing the goal of defending the rights of binational couples and families and raising awareness of their enrichment of society.

This collaboration is of prime importance in a globalised world. Globalisation has created transnational relationships, bicultural or binational couples and families. Administrations, laws and stereotypes make it sometimes very complex for couples and families to be united in the same country. The member-organisations of our network fight for the right for couples and families to be united and fully live their relationships.

The member-organisations gather every year or every two years during the European Conference for Binational-Bicultural relationships, which is each time organised by a member-organisation. During this conference, member-organisations share and debate on the social, legal and political situation of binational families in their respective countries



The origin of the network goes back to 1985, when the German organisation IAF held in Frankfurt a conference called "Together we can go over all borders". Binational families' and couples' organisations from various European countries were represented at this conference.

The European Conference for Binational-Bicultural relationships (ECB) was formally established in 1990. Since then, the member associations meet regularly  as well as in the European Union and Switzerland. At that moment ECB was compounded of organisations from Germany, Austria, France, Greece, The Netherlands, Italy and Switzerland. 

At the last conference, which took place in Paris in October 2016, was decided to change the name of the network to European Network for Binational-Bicultural relationships.