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On the 12th of June 1967, the US Supreme Court decided that the ban of interracial marriages was unconstitutionnal. This decision ends the 9 year legal battle of a mixed couple in times of segregation. This decision is a milestone for the end of segregation in the US.

50 years later, the fight for multiculturalism is still an issue! In the years 2000, a civil society movement in the US created "the Loving day" to remember that decision and to celebrate diversity. 

Our network, the European Network for Binationa-Bicultural couples&families

has decided to celebrate the Loving day across Europe. 


We invite you to come along to celebrate transnational love, diversity and multiculturalism!

In France, in Germany, in Netherlands, in Switzerland , in Danemark, in Austria

10 years "Ehe ohne Grenzen" - a reason to celebrate?




Since 10 years the initiative „Ehe ohne Grenzen“ in Austria is fighting for the right of family life and the right of a children to live with his or her binational parents. On the 18th and 22nd of October 2016 the initiative organised a full week of events to go public:

  • Press conference to present the new published background-report on the situation of binational families in Austria
  • Demonstration in front of the Ministry of the Interior
  • Counseling day for binational couples
  • Film matinée followed by a discussion and 10-years celebration

EOG celebrate 10 years of counseling, support and information to binational couples, families and partnerships. 10 years of courage to protest, 10 years pf commitment to human and children rights. 10 year pf voluntary work.10 years of fighting against foreigners law.


10 demands to the 10-years- existence

YES, to the implementation of the right to family life under the European Convention on Human Rights and equality between binational and Austrian couples!

YES, to a life with both parents and the responsibility of both parents to the education and development of children!

YES, to the implementation of the Geneva Convention on Refugees!

YES, to the reduction of bureaucracy and administrative arbitrariness!

YES, to a human immigration right!

YES, to a family-friendly right of residence and domicile!

YES, to a an absolute access to the labour market!

YES, to an end of general suspicion of sham marriage!

YES, to a transnational family life and freedom of movement!

YES, to the mitigation of the foreigners law!



For more infomartion visit: http://ehe-ohne-grenzen.at/


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This conference is the 2016 annual conference of the European Conference for Binational/Bicultural relationships network. This year's conference "Take a stand in Europe for binational couples" will take place on October 1 & 2 in Paris and will be hosted by Les Amoureux au ban public, our President association.

We invite you all to join our workshops and debates to discuss about the defence of binational couples' rights in Europe!

For more information, check out the Facebook event or our brochure (in French)

Take a stand in Europe for binational couples

-the 2016 edition of the ECB (European Conference for Binational-Bicultural relationship)-

Our network meet every year or every two years to exchange data on the situation of binational couples and families, to debate on diversity or immigration policy and furthermore to imagine cross-european projects to raise awareness on the situation of binational couples and families.


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This year les Amoureux au ban public organised and hosted the 2016 ECB. The aims of this year's edition were both to take decisions to improve the field of action of the network and to discuss on different topics surrounding the theme of binational couples&families.

The member-ogranisations were given the opportunity to express propositions to reinforce the ECB network. The discussion was divided into three thematic: Communication, Common Aims and Governance





"When any society says that I cannot marry a certain person,
that society has cut 
off a segment of my freedom."
- Martin Luther King, Jr., June 25, 1958


Mildred and Richard Loving at a press conference after the Supreme Court ruled in their favor in June , 1967. (Photo: Getty Images)For the first time, on June 12th 1967, the ruling in Loving v. Virginia finally brought an end to the interdiction of interracial marriages, while the Supreme Court recognized a marriage between an afro American woman and a Caucasian man.

The Loving couple's struggle made history forty-nine years later, when the Loving Day bacome one of the biggest multiracial celebrations in the United States.
 Throught the last years, the Loving Day has been celebrated on
 June 12th all around the world, mainly in the United States and Europe, where The Netherlands took the initiative.

In this article offer you an overview of the various events organized in Europe, in particular those organized by the associations members of the  European Conference of Binational/bicultural relationships (ECB).